I was much worried about after sales service and support in software because of my previous experience. My initial interest was for our fee collection management to be automated across all five business schools across India and Singapore...

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The new edition of KnowlEdge K12 enables your school with flexibility by wholly automating their administrative and academic processes. With IncTech’s solution for K12 schools, you can. We give you an internal infrastructure so you can share school and student information.

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Just like how you trust Google for search results, our clients trust us to make the best technical decision for them. Therefore, we believe in technical research to make sure that our applications comply with the latest trends in the market.

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Software Reselling

Incognito Technologies Pvt Ltd (IncTech) is committed to excellence and so are our resellers. Our reseller relationships are designed to ensure that customers receive the best solutions for their environments while providing maximum flexibility for our resellers.

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The essence of effective quality assurance in the field of system solutions is Prevention Rather Than Cure; and IncTech handles its quality matters quite effectively. We have earned the reputation of being a hi-tech service firm due to our unwavering pursuit towards excellence.

At IncTech, we develop solutions that are apt, functional, incorporate latest technology, and are delivered on time, within the budget and as per the client’s requirements. Our regular research and training programs ensure that our qualified personnel remain abreast of the latest trends in technology and software.

ISO 9001:2008 (JAS ANZ Certified)