Banking – Corporate and Retail

IncTech provides a range of products that enable banks to efficiently manage their retail operations, including internet and core banking, fraud detection, universal lending, and risk management, as well as specialized corporate banking products to manage risk, asset liability, payments and treasury.

Asset Liability Management

Asset Liability Management (ALM) is a multi-currency ALM solution for banks and financial institutions, offering extensive data management capabilities for accurate information gathering and analysis. With a powerful suite of analytical and reporting tools, it facilitates efficient liquidity and interest rate risk management, enables strategic decision-making and alertsusers against potential deviations.

Reporting and analysis

  • Behaviour analysis and balance forecasting
  • Extensive suite of MIS reports, providing a framework for risk mitigation and control
  • Historical data and simulation used to predict possible business volumes, maturity patterns, etc.
  • Compliance to regulatory/ ALCO requirements
  • Multidimensional analysis for regulatory compliance
  • Addresses both sides of risk return equation
  • Multiple methods for funds transfer pricing
  • Web-based reporting for critical reports

Customization & flexibility

  • High degree of parameterization allows for customization as per unique business needs, policies, and conventions
  • User-definable chart of accounts, classification, sub-classification, maturity buckets, reference rates, yield curves, currencies, etc.
  • Custom report designing
  • User-definable time buckets
  • Ratio Builder, which allows users to define any number of categories and ratios
  • User-configurable ALM dashboard


  • Built-in multi-layer security
  • Standard menu security options with login security in the primary layer
  • Option-level access control permits users to access only enabled features
  • Maintains audit trail for activity logging and recording of key data changes
  • Advanced administrator control features like permitted number of concurrent log-ins, minimum password length, password validity period, intruder lockout, etc.

Overall benefits

  • Comprehensive and improved risk management through gap reports, regulatory and proprietary liquidity and interest rate sensitivity statement, option-adjusted gaps and simulation of dynamic gaps
  • Smarter decision-making based on advanced risk analytics of critical factors like net interest income scenario, rate shock effects, cost to close, capital adequacy, adjust-to-market changes and performance duration
  • Better strategic planning and accuracy in execution made possible through behaviour analysis, historical simulation, interest rate simulation and measurement of the economic value of equity
  • Improved productivity and reduced costs - automated analyses lead to increase in productivity and swift decision-making, while cutting costs incurred on salary

Risk Management

Risk Management is a Web-based, multi-entity, Basel II-compliant market risk management tool for banks and financial institutions. Its comprehensive tool suite addresses risk-related analytical and regulatory reporting needs and enables financial institutions to

  • Identify and measure market risks across various trading portfolios
  • Control risks at various levels
  • Compute capital charge as per Basel II guidelines

Data collation and reporting

  • Powerful and convenient standard data collation gateway (for both treasury system and market data agencies like Reuters and Bloomberg)
  • Rich collection of MIS reports, providing a framework for risk mitigation and control