Customized ERP Development

ERP Software known as Enterprise Resource Planning software can be simply defined as a system of software applications designed to meet the various operational and functional requirements of a medium and large size business. ERP software application can acts as main software system for all areas and has the capacity to make the most of efficiencies, and update the flow of information throughout an organization. No doubt, today enterprise resource solution can help organization in integrating all of its data and processes into a single unified system.

Today, solutions that automate your organization at a click of a mouse are available off the shelf. However, different businesses function differently. Every organization, even if it belongs to a common industry, differs from one another in subtle-to-substantial ways. This is a business logic feature that most off-the-shelf products fail to implement.

A significant part of our services portfolio is our Customized ERP solutions. The solution that we chalk out for your organization will be developed keeping in mind the entire exclusivity of your business. And what is more, you will not be required to shell out a fortune. Cost effective solutions and end-to-end development ensures that every aspect of your business process is carefully considered and accurately implemented.

The IncTech process experts will evaluate the smallest of details and thoroughly assess each option that they draw for your organization. We, at The IncTech, passionately believe that the most complex solutions are the simplest to use. In order to facilitate ease of use and tight integration with the systems currently being used by your organization, we develop solutions in affordable environments and yet employ scalable technologies.

We deploy resources on integrated teams that work with our clients to undertake complex enterprise transformation efforts. IncTech offers the following ERP solutions to organizations across domains.

A business management solution that integrates all facets of a business - Planning, Finance, Materials, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Human Resources etc. The solution boosts productivity, connectivity and business insight for small and medium-sized companies in a cost-effective way.

An integrated and affordable business management solution that is specifically designed for small and midsize businesses. It provides users with a consistent, intuitive environment that they can learn quickly and use effectively, and at the same time BizBook is powerful enough, enabling companies to manage their businesses and grow to new levels of success. A hypothetical example: ERP automates the tasks necessary to perform a business process—such as order fulfilment, which involves taking an order from a customer, shipping it and billing for it. With ERP, when a customer service representative takes an order, he or she has all the necessary information—the customer's credit rating and order history, the company's inventory levels and the shipping dock's trucking schedule.

Everyone else in the company can view the same information and has access to the single database that holds the order. When one department finishes with the order, it is automatically routed via the ERP system to the next department. To find out where the order is at any point, one need only log in to the system. The order process moves like a bolt of lightning through the organization.

The IncTech can help you implement an ERP solution in the following ways: By ground-up & end-to-end development resulting in a 100% customized solution that is tailor-made for your business. This is our preferred mode of approach.

By assisting you in implementing products identified by your organization after evaluating the product specifications and orientation towards your business.ERP Systems centralize the data in one place. This eliminates the problem of synchronising changes and can reduce the risk of loss of sensitive data by consolidating multiple permissions and security models into a single structure.

Some security features are included within an ERP system to protect against both outsider crime, such as industrial espionage, and insider crime, such as embezzlement. A data-tampering scenario, for example, might involve a disgruntled employee intentionally modifying prices to below-the-breakeven point in order to attempt to interfere with the company's profit or other sabotage. ERP systems typically provide functionality for implementing internal controls to prevent actions of this kind. ERP vendors are also moving toward better integration with other kinds of information security tools.

The following are some key business processes (or procedures) which can be managed using ERP software. In ERP parlance, they are referred as ERP modules. Some of these, or all of these, modules may be applicable in your organization, depending on the business requirements. MIS (Management Information System) reports are shown for each module. The ERP user gets a set of pre-mapped best business practice solutions for their particular industry. This is a general list of major input and output.

Incognito ERP consists of the following business processes (modules) / business process management (BPM). You may need all of the above modules or some of the above modules depending upon many factors, such as, domain, product, specific requirements, current business processes, etc.