EDI & B2B Services

IncTech’s expertise in the direction of business strategies and tools extends to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). IncTech has numerous successful EDI engagements and satisfied customers to its credit in the B2B space. We have been there, done that. We can bring the benefits of EDI to your business at reduced costs and reduced risks.

EDI implementations are costly to implement, and costly to maintain. Due to the complexity of multiple elements such as protocols, data communication, translation software, document specifications, trading partners, mapping, and testing, EDI engagements presuppose expertise and skill, knowledge of EDI standards and protocols, as well as an understanding of ERP, CRM, SCM and legacy application systems.

We have a large pool of skilled EDI consultants, a flexible operating model, a dedicated Center of Excellence for EDI best practices and implementation methodologies, and a proven track record of 24/7 support for the multi-application environment typical of EDI systems.

Our EDI partnerships, best practices and frameworks comprise the following:

• Enterprise Integration Readiness Assessment

We work with you to understand your requirements, your current infrastructure and problems, and the current state of integration-readiness before we make any recommendations. We have a robust EDI architecture for new EDI implementations that ensures high availability and scalability.

• EDI Migration Methodology

Our migration methodologies are well-defined, and will help you move from legacy systems to modern, with an accelerated go-to-market, while maintaining excellent mapping quality. Our migration methodology ensured map migration for a large customer in less than 1/3 of the time suggested by the software vendor. Along with our migration methodology, we also offer an EDI Migration Test Pack to automate the testing of EDI interfaces.

• B2B Solution Deployment Methodology

Our deployment methodologies ease out the problems of on-boarding new trading partners.

• Post Implementation Support Methodology

Our EDI engagements have our support post-implementation. We know the EDI areas that need support and monitoring, after you go live.

EDI Service Offerings

To help you do business and carry on transactions with your trading partners electronically, we offer the following EDI services:

  • Requirements Gathering, Mapping & Translation
  • EDI Upgrades and Migrations
  • EDI Enhancement, Monitoring and Support: As part of our EDI Managed Service offerings, we provide support for Level 0-level 4.
  • EDI Testing: We use IncTech internal framework for testing our EDI implementations, and transfer to our clients the benefits of end-to-end testing with the advantage of a framework that we build and maintain.