Telecom, Media and Entertainment

Rapid technological advances and changing consumer behaviour have irrevocably changed the business environment for the telecom, media and entertainment (TME) industries. IncTech is helping TME businesses adapt to the new rules of the game.

We have experience working with wire-line, wireless, Internet service provider, cable, broadcast, publishing, and entertainment organizations. Drawing on our expertise, we can work with you to achieve the strategic goals and world-class results you require.

IncTech helps telecom, media and entertainment companies adapt to today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. With our proven, comprehensive suite of solutions in the critical areas of consulting, technology and outsourcing, we partner with your company to maximize assets, unleash growth, and transform to succeed.

Business Information Management for Media and Entertainment

Companies now have a wide range of data at their disposal. They can see the shows people watch, the movies they download, the music they buy, the videos they play and the social networking sites they visit. The question they face is how to turn this data into actionable intelligence.

Our experience shows that media and entertainment companies seek solutions to 2 fundamental challenges: addressing consumer demand and maintaining profitability. IncTech combines information strategy consulting and technical services to build efficient and secure business information management solutions that create an intelligent enterprise. Our industry-specific expertise offers media companies:

  • The tools they need to gather, consolidate and analyse data
  • The strategy and business processes to act on it
  • The metrics to measure the results

IncTech's Business Information Management solutions for media and entertainment provide new options for managing the decision-making process. As a result, we enable media and entertainment companies to identify:

  • The return on post-production investments
  • Their most valuable customers
  • The optimal timing by channel for releasing a new product
  • Which products can be packaged together for key service offerings

As we work with you to identify and seize opportunities, we can support you beyond digital strategy development in service areas including:

  • Implementation assistance: developing new business processes and technologies to improve efficiency
  • Business process outsourcing: providing higher service levels at lower cost
  • Technology sourcing: delivering systems and application development, management and hosting capabilities

Maximizing the benefits of business information management ensures more rapid decision making and selection of strategic investment opportunities. IncTech helps you capitalize on this information with a consolidated approach across enterprise platforms and tools.

Our first step is to review your digital strategy. We then partner with you to assess each area of digital content services, evaluate the maturity of your company’s capabilities and establish a roadmap to achieving the level of competency needed to succeed in your marketplace.

Communications Transformation Platform

In today’s cutthroat market, established telecom, media and entertainment (TME) players are losing share to aggressive new players. IncTech’s Communications Transformation Platform (CTP) can help you adapt to stay ahead.

Few companies can afford to play a passive role in this rapidly evolving market. By partnering with IncTech, TME companies can take advantage of our deep industry experience and global delivery platform to ensure optimal transformation results. We have telecom-specific delivery centres in the Europe and India. In addition, with our business consulting capabilities, you can benefit from real transformation at minimized risk.

CTP is an integrated program of systems and processes that gives your company the means to worry less about legacy systems and greater freedom to concentrate on your future direction.

Combining pre-packaged systems and applications with proven best-practice processes, CTP is designed for three different scenarios:

  • End-to-end transformation (whole solution): for the total overhaul of a company’s infrastructure, this option is well suited for situations like new market expansion, or merger and acquisition activity
  • Evolutionary transformation (partial solution): this option allows companies to take a measured approach to execution, and is particularly useful for larger companies with hundreds of dependent legacy systems
  • Modular transformation (single applications): even limited CTP can accelerate your competitive capabilities by transforming one or two functions at a time. For example, this would be suitable if you needed to rapidly focus on your customer relationship management

IncTech’s CTP approach stands out from competitor solutions for the following features:

  • Flexibility: the solution provides a head start for end-to-end, evolutionary and modular transformations
  • Proven architecture: all functional applications work together in a cohesive fashion
  • Best-in-class applications: a focus on commercial off-the-shelf products for greater reuse with minimal bespoke adaptations
  • Industrial strength: our business processes, packaged systems, methodology and tools are built with agility and robustness in mind

Digital Content Services

One of the biggest challenges facing telecom, media and entertainment (TME) companies is to adapt their digital content services (DCS) to a new landscape with new rules. IncTech can help TME companies make the changes required.

IncTech is equipped with innovative solutions that can help your TME Company adapt its approach to digital content services. These include:

  • Digital supply chain: manage media delivery from creation through distribution, using this fully digital infrastructure
  • Intellectual property: control the IP life-cycle, including contracts, rights and compliance
  • Customer experience: integrate cross-platform digital interfaces to align with consumer behaviour
  • Business intelligence: leverage data and analytics with increased targeting and performance
  • Digital monetization: develop new revenue across integrated channels, media, and advertising and operating models

IncTech takes a holistic view of your digital content service needs. Our approach comprises:

  • Initial market entry
  • Operations architecture and development
  • Back-office infrastructure design and installation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Outsourcing and applications management

Social Media Strategies for Telecommunications

Simply having a social media account is not the same as having a social media strategy. IncTech helps your organization implement technology-driven social media solutions to cost-effectively engage with customers and support your brand with less risk.

An effective social media strategy enables you to leverage your customers’ personal and professional networks to grow your business and increase revenue. Following in-depth research and years of experience working with the world’s leading telecommunications providers, IncTech has created a suite of social media solutions to help companies better engage with customers, respond to issues more quickly, and gain customer loyalty.

By leveraging social media effectively, your company can reach more people, while creating deeper and more engaging connections that support your corporate strategy. With an effective social media strategy, you can experience:

  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Greater return on marketing investment
  • Reduced operating and labour costs
  • Increased IT efficiency
  • More customer lifecycle moments of value

IncTech’s social media solutions include:

  • Sales upgrades and offers automation: automate the gathering and sharing of relevant sales information to enable faster and more cost effective marketing and sales processes
  • Loyalty vouchers and rebates: attract and reward customers through coupon and loyalty automation software that combines deep customer knowledge with marketing partnerships
  • Customer complaint scenarios: reduce the expense of managing complaints while providing quicker, more personal responses
  • Brand management: proactively monitor and analyse customer sentiments, comments and trends using innovative data analysis tools and technologies
  • Treating Social Media as an Information Asset

IncTech helps telecommunication companies realize the benefits of social media without the pain, cost, and stress of building a new IT infrastructure. Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of social media and multichannel customer management, as well as the latest and still-evolving technologies.

We treat social media as another enterprise information asset that should be incorporated into the overall enterprise information map. Leveraging new technologies, we help you to increase return-on-investment by combining a strategic, top level approach to business with existing systems – namely the implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Master Data Management (MDM), and cloud technologies.