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BizBook ERP

BizBook is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manufacturing businesses. The following are some key business processes (or procedures) which can be managed using BizBook.In BizBook parlance, they are referred as BizBook modules. Some of these, or all of these, modules may be applicable in your organization, depending on the business requirements. MIS (Management Information System) reports are shown for each module. The BizBook user gets a set of pre-mapped best business practice solutions for their particular industry. This is a general list of major input and output.

General Ledger

Real-time updation of the General Ledger powers BizBook ERP Software, giving you unparalleled financial management. Print vouchers online. Zoom into transactions from the General Ledger.View reports division-wise, department -wise, region-wise, employee-wise etc. Reduce manpower costs and save time.

  • Unlimited Line Items in Journals and Vouchers
  • Journal Book including auto-posted entries
  • Print Payment & Receipt Vouchers
  • Multi-level Reporting
  • Enter Opening Balances for Ledgers
  • Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet with automatic
  • Stock Valuation
  • Work-in-Progress
  • Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet in Home
  • Date-to-date Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • Quarterly Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Zooming in from Trial Balance, Profit &Loss Account and Balance Sheet right down to transactions
  • Consolidation of Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Add, modify and delete from zoom-in screens
  • Month-wise General Ledger

Cash & Bank Management

Multiple Bank Accounts gives you total control over bank balances. Automatic posting from receipts and payments delivers the updated cash and bank balances at all times. Managing operations just became so easy.

Control minimum and maximum bank balances. Finish your bank reconciliation in just a few minutes each day. Maximize returns on your cash and bank balances. No more shooting from the hip.

  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Zoom-in from Cash / Bank Books right down to transactions
  • Minimum Bank Balance Check - Warn, Block, Ignore


The complete Sales Cycle from Quotations/ Proforma Invoice, Sale Order, Delivery Order, Stock and Service Invoice gives you complete control over the sales operations. Automatic updation of General Ledgers and Customers Ledger instantly gives you unprecedented power to generate reports instantaneously, anytime. More delighted customers, making you more profitable. No more guesswork.

  • Proforma Invoice, Sale Order, Delivery Order (DO), Sale Invoice, Sale Return, Service Invoice
  • Convert Sale Order to Delivery Order, Delivery Order to Sale Invoice
  • Multiple Invoice Terms : user-definable
  • Map GST / VAT / Sales Tax rates to Products
  • Multiple Rates of GST / VAT / Sales Tax as per statutory rules
  • Multiple Sales Pricing Schemes
  • Set-off Invoices against Receipts and Credit Notes
  • GST / VAT / Sales Tax Registers
  • Debit Note Entry & Debit Note Register
  • Sales Registers - Order, Delivery Order


BizBook ERP Software has the complete Purchase Cycle starting from Indent, Order, Delivery OrderandStock. Automatic and instant updation of General Ledgers and Vendor Ledger. Purchase Indent, Purchase Order, Goods Received Note (GRN), Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return and Purchase Service Invoice

  • Check for Duplicate Vendor Invoice Number
  • Multiple Invoice Terms - User-definable
  • Invoice Terms at Line Item Level or Global Level
  • Multiple Rates of GST / VAT / Sales Tax as per statutory rules
  • Multi-Currency in all purchase entries
  • Consignment-wise Landed Cost / Import Costing
  • Create Convertible Indents and Orders, Goods Received Notes (GRN) and Invoices
  • Enter Payment details from Invoice module
  • Adjust Bank Charges in Vendor Payment entry
  • Set-off Invoices against Payments and Debit Notes
  • Outstanding Purchase Order Report
  • Purchase Registers - Order, GRN, Invoice Sorted on Date, Number, Product, Product Group, Sub Group, Vendor, Agent, City, Country
  • Credit Note Entry & Credit Note Register
  • Vendor Payment Register
  • GST / VAT / Sales Tax Registers
  • Create Mailing Labels for vendors


BizBook ERP Software gives you complete control over receivables. Maintain separate customer ledgers for different customer types. Keep up-to-the-minute track of customer outstandings. Assign credit limits for customers and reduce credit risk.

  • Multiple General Ledger for Customers
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses with Default setting
  • Dormant Customer setting
  • Customer Credit Control Checks - Warn, Ignore, Block – on amount and days
  • Customer 'On-Hold' Facility
  • Credit Note Register
  • Customer Receipt Register
  • Create Mailing Labels for customers

Accounts Payable

Manage Vendors with ease. No duplication. Vendor Ledger gets updated automatically with every transaction. Get real-time Vendor outstanding balance.

  • Multiple General Ledger Control Accounts for Vendors
  • Dormant Vendor setting
  • Vendor Credit Control Checks - display Credit Limit and Outstanding Amount
  • Outstanding Vendor Advances Report
  • Vendor Credit Limit Exception Report
  • Vendor Ledger with full details and summary
  • Powerful Vendor Query

Inventory Control

Completemulti-typeinventory management system. Keeps track of stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments. Includes extensive on-screen enquiry and reporting functions to give you detailed real-time information crucial for effective inventory management.

  • Seamlessly integrated with Purchase, Sale, Manufacturing and WIP- no extra entry required
  • Product Code, Product Description and Additional Description
  • Alternate Part Numbers
  • Bar Code Support & Manufacturer's Product Code
  • Store Product Image, search & create catalog
  • Different Units of Measure for buying, selling and stocking
  • Multiple UOMs with conversion factors and auto pick-up
  • Classify stocks by categories to allocate costs to departments
  • Combine multiple items into one kit and sell at kit price
  • Stock Valuation - LIFO, FIFO, Average
  • Stock Valuation & Quantities - accurate to four decimal places
  • Generate Indents for Items below Reorder Level
  • Dormant Inventory setting
  • Landed Cost Calculation - apportion unlimited additional costs
  • Stock Valuation Location-wise - with or without Invoicing Terms
  • Transfer of Stock
  • Consignment Stock handling - Sales & Purchases
  • Stock Taking & Stock Adjustment
  • Allocate additional costs or manually specify cost per item
  • Assign unlimited Mark Up Price Percentages at every BOM Level
  • Assign unlimited Discount price levels per item and price list
  • Create Picking List
  • Item Costing by location
  • Special Pricing Schemes - by price, percentage, amount, customer or quantity
  • Drill-down to transactions in Purchase Orders, and Order Entry
  • Import Product Master
  • Material In/Out Register (Stock Card)
  • Stock Ledger
  • Manufacturing WIP Stocks

MIS Reports

BizBook ERP Software has many MIS reports to give you any information related to your business. These reports can be filtered based on Document Class and can be exported to various file formats. Life was never this easy!

  • Outstanding Customer Advances Report
  • Month-wise Sales Summary
  • Customer Ageing with days and intervals
  • Customer Analysis - shows invoices, receipts, debit notes, credit notes, payments
  • Sales Profitability Analysis - including invoice-wise
  • Sales Analysis - by Salesman, Customer, Product, Product Group
  • Top 'N' Customers, Top 'N' Agents, Top 'N' Products
  • Top Customers by Sale Value with user-definable amount
  • Salesman Commission Statement
  • Sale Price History - by Customer, Salesman, Product
  • Customer Credit Limit Exception Report
  • Month-wise Purchase Summary
  • Vendor Ageing with user-definable days and intervals
  • Vendor Analysis - shows invoices, receipts, debit notes, credit notes, payments
  • Purchase Analysis - by Agent, Vendor, Product, Product Group
  • Top 'N' Vendors, Top 'N' Products
  • Top Vendors by Purchase Value with user-definable amount
  • Purchase Price History
  • Revenue / Expenditure Graph
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Stock Status Query
  • Stock Status Report with Outstanding Sales & Purchase Orders
  • Detailed User Wise Audit Reports
  • Location wise Stock Summary
  • All Reports on Screen and Printer
  • All reports in date-to-date format
  • Export all Reports to XLS and PDF etc.
  • We make customized reports if any are missing for you (optional and chargeable)

Integrated Payroll

No duplication of entries. BizBook Payroll is totally integrated with BizBook ERP. Post payroll entry into BizBook ERP Software at the click of a button. All statutory compliances are handled automatically. Create cabinets/folders to capture HR related employee information, such as awards, performance, promotion, transfers etc.

  • Leave Applications and Calculations
  • Loans & Advances
  • User-defined Fields in Employee Master
  • Human Resource
  • Export all masters and reports to XLS, PDF, etc.
  • Report Writer
  • Attendance recording
  • Flexible 'Search' and 'Browse'
  • Flexibility to start Payroll Accounting at any time of year
  • Exhaustive Documentation Centre
  • E-Pay slip

Reduces Workload

BizBook ERP Software substantially reduces your workload. An enormous amount of time is wasted everyday looking for some information in some supporting voucher, invoice, journal etc. Automate approval processes and eliminate wasted time searching for paper and replacing lost documents with our Document Management System. With MIS reports there will be no need to spend time on spread-sheets. Function like Copy reduces data entry time by 80%.

  • No Duplication
  • One Entry only Once
  • Online Document Printing (Vouchers, Invoices etc)
  • Templates for repetitive entries
  • Attach an image for a product in Product Masters
  • Cash / Bank Book filtered on value

Warehouse Mgmt. System

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) module allows you to create your very own warehouse structure, up to five levels. Create a structure such as Country, City, Row, Rack& Bin. Or choose just Location, Row and Rack. Totally up to you.

Seamlessly integrated with Sales Delivery, Purchase Delivery and Stock Transfer, BizBook WMS reduces data entry time and takes organizational efficiency to the next level.

  • Unlimited Locations, Warehouses, Rows, Racks and Bins
  • Real-time update of Stock Status across all Locations, Warehouses, Rows, Racks and Bins
  • Eliminates manual warehouse processes and counts
  • Stock Valuation
  • Stock Ledger

Go Live in 30 Days

Say goodbye to 12-18 months ERP implementation. Using our rapid deployment model, we install, implement, train your staff and go live in maximum 31 days. Ask us how you can do it too!

Gain Greater Control

Greater control is about having visibility into how your business is performing—it’s about knowing that your system will help drive decision-making processes and enable your people to be more proactive and productive. BizBook ERP gives you confidence that the right people in your organization are making the right decisions. And it delivers the insight you need to monitor business performance from every possible angle—from employee time and resources to inventory and shipping.

Streamline financial practices. The intuitive and user friendly interface delivers personalized access to the information and tasks most relevant to your role—including key financial processes. With immediate access to the data you need, you can respond quickly and effectively.

Get a clear view of your financials. Increase financial transparency with integrated systems, shared data, and drill-down capabilities that give you visibility into your transactions and audit trails.

Collaborative Working

BizBook ERP Software integrates all the departments in your company on a single platform. One entry - one time. No duplication, ever.

With real-time updation of transactions, your top management has access to all reports at a click of a button. Robust security allows you to give access to your staff. With all the MIS Reports, banish the spread-sheet from the accounts department.

  • Experience the power of BizBook ERP Software hands-on and see productivity jump manifold in your company.
  • Real-time Updation of all transactions
  • Single-User & Concurrent Multi-User versions
  • Online Modification and Deletion with Audit Trail
  • Select GL Accounts by name or number / code
  • Google like search - quickly find any modules and view reports
  • Auto Numbering for all documents
  • Memorandum Entries - Maker & Approver
  • Built-in Calculator
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Multi-company Data Backup
  • Transaction Document Count
  • Print Date and Time Stamp on reports
  • Automatic Year End Process
  • Automatic carry forward of General Ledger, Customer, Vendor, Inventory balances to successive years

Access Rights

BizBook ERP Software is a true Multi-User software. Configure multiple levels of security – give as much or as little access to each user. Allow users to view selected companies and modules only. Control user access rights to enter and view transactions project-wise, region-wise, department-wise, employee-wise, etc.

  • Create Users with customizable access rights
  • Automatic Menu Configuration based on user access rights
  • User-definable Password Configuration
  • Allow users back-dated access to transactions
  • Allow specific users to modify Sale Delivery Order
  • Block Selling Price Override for specific users
  • Restrict users to enter transactions with specific Document Class
  • Assign a Document Class to a specific user
  • Configure section-wise Search rights

Approval Workflow

Workflows in BizBook ERP Software enable enterprises to reduce the amount of unnecessary interactions between people as they perform business processes. For example, to reach a decision, groups typically follow a series of steps. The steps can be a formal, standard operating procedure, or an informal implicitly understood way to operate. Collectively, the steps represent a business process. The number of human interactions that occur in business processes can inhibit speed and the quality of decisions. This simplifies and manages this "human workflow" enables the automation of interactions among groups who participate in the process. This automation results in more speed, overall effectiveness of the interactions, and often a reduction in errors.

  • All workflow actions like submitting a document for approval, Approving a document or Rejecting one are also maintained in the Audit.
  • If a document is pending approval for a long time, the request can also be escalated.

Best of both worlds

Desktop application like experience and Website like availability, security and maintainability. Application built as a thin client with all database located centrally. This allows users to launch the system on a single click (no long installation needed) from anywhere on the web.

The very nature of the architecture inhibits hacking. Moreover, encrypt all sensitive data during transfer and storage on the system making it virtually impossible to break into the system. All bug fixes and upgrades are rolled out centrally so users see the changes instantly the next time they load it.