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Restaurant - Inventory and production management system

Controlling the food cost, managing the Inventory, managing multiple branches, obtaining the MIS reports, managing the skilled and unskilled labour has become the greatest challenge of food chains and restaurants.

The restaurant CEO's are in a need to know how much food material has to be given to the kitchen each day or what is the sale at the end of the day? Or what is the profitability on daily basis? Or what is the food cost?

In fact the CEO's want their restaurant to work on "Auto Pilot" without being bothered on each and every aspect of the operations so that they can move on to the expansion and many other major aspects of the business. But at the same time they need to get the reports of the operations to their email, phone (by SMS) wherever they are. The solution is Bouchée.

Bouchée exactly covers all above. Please check the modules and highlights below.


  • Inventory management
  • SMS /email module
  • Purchase management
  • Party order module
  • Vendor management
  • Birthday, anniversary, occasion reminder module
  • Main kitchen - Branch Kitchen operations
  • Point of sale (host of configurations)connected to PDA
  • Production cost control Management
  • Integration to Tally - (Indian accounting software)
  • Bill of materials

Key Points:

  • View the sales of branches in real time -the moment the bill is printed in the branch it can be viewed - (from anywhere anytime)
  • Get SMS regarding the sales of branches automatically from the software
  • Pre-fix or pre-plan the schedules (the daily requirement of materials) once and let the system give the list of materials needed for daily purpose
  • Get the branch costing /food production cost delivered by software in real time.
  • Get SMSalert on the sales /purchase/ from branches


  • Keeps track of food production from "market to mouth" ™
  • Control cost, track wastage, increase profitability
  • Freedom of using software at user's own convenience like at Home, car, airport, etc., 24/7
  • Expensive & comprehensive solutions at concise form and affordable cost
  • No need to maintain costly local servers
  • Adding additional branches and new user at a branch is a "click of button."
  • Access Login control with permissions
  • Re-Order level - email alerts
  • B.O.M - Bill of material
  • Automatic purchase Requisition
  • Automatic Stores Issue
  • Less manual Entries
  • Cumulative kitchen closing stock to next day automatically


  • Purchase Order Report.
  • Cost of Production
  • Stock Transfer Report
  • Wastage cost Report with details
  • Stock summary
  • Daily kitchen closing stock report.
  • Ledger
  • System closing stock vs. physical closing stock
  • Daily Issue cost Report
  • Purchase Requisition Report

We are sure Bouchée can provide excellent control and ease to your burden the moment this is installed in your organization so that you and your chef can manage your food department easily.