Our Products


Trakr.mobi is a simple location sharing application for Nokia devices that lets you easily track you fleet or trucks/cabs on the geographical map in real-time. It looks up your current location using a combination of GPS and Cell ID and sends automated SMS/text messages that can continuously deliver updates about your location to our centralised server. It is useful for transport and cab companies to locate their fleet and report to the clients of expected delays early on.

Trakr.mobi is also useful for small businesses that need to keep track of their consignments or mobile staff. The business owner will never have to worry about the location of his goods or staff. At a low per device cost, Trakr.mobiis an exponentially cheaper alternative compared to expensive GPS devices and monitoring equipment that would otherwise be required.

With Trakr.mobi you can:

  • Gear up to provide end to end supply chain solutions to your customers.
  • Scale up infrastructure and ramp up state of the art IT capability to remain always ahead of the dynamic needs of the business.
  • Expand product and services to be able to provide more value added services to your customers.
  • Expand and diversify in to related business to be able to interface with customers more often in their value chain.