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KnowlEdge K12

The new edition of KnowlEdge K12 enables your school with greater flexibility by wholly automating their administrative and academic processes.

With IncTech’s solution for K12 schools, you can. We give you a solid internal infrastructure so you can share critical school and student information. With it, you can communicate with students, teachers, parents, and alumni knowing that you have the most reliable and up-to-date information. The primary objective of the project is to replace the existing system with a more scalable and bug-free and well tested solution.


The key to achieve better efficiency is to implement CollEdge Solution in your Colleges. CollEdge Solution is a comprehensive ERP that automates all their processes, departments thus allowing the teachers, students, administration staff and the management to focus on their core aspect of delivering world class quality education. CollEdge solution ERP allows you to store, modify and retrieve information using the pull down menus masters, admission, information, examination, promotion, fee management, financial accounting, time table, staff & payroll, library management, inventory, transport and other utilities. Each of the modules has sub modules within them. All these modules are integrated with the information provided from the student and the staff administration module


BizBook is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manufacturing businesses. The following are some key business processes (or procedures) which can be managed using BizBook.In BizBook parlance, they are referred as BizBook modules. Some of these, or all of these, modules may be applicable in your organization, depending on the business requirements. MIS (Management Information System) reports are shown for each module. The BizBook user gets a set of pre-mapped best business practice solutions for their particular industry. This is a general list of major input and output.


The CEO's want their restaurant to work on "Auto Pilot" without being bothered on each and every aspect of the operations so that they can move on to the expansion and many other major aspects of the business. But at the same time they need to get the reports of the operations to their email, phone (by SMS) wherever they are. The solution is Bouchée.


Trakr.mobi is a simple location sharing application for Nokia devices that lets you easily track you fleet or trucks/cabs on the geographical map in real-time. It looks up your current location using a combination of GPS and Cell ID and sends automated SMS/text messages that can continuously deliver updates about your location to our centralised server.