(Research & Development)

Just like how you trust Google for search results, our clients trust us to make the best technical decision for them. Therefore, we believe in doing dedicated and continuous technical research to make sure that our applications comply with the latest trends in the market. We have a team of dedicated research staff in UK.

Sound research and development (R&D) enables us to stay competitive and build customer loyalty. The products and services you develop can help you to:

  • Boost sales
  • Increase profitability
  • Open new markets
  • Find new business partnerships

By looking at the business processes that allow us to manufacture, market and sell our products or services, we can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality we offer
  • Lower development time

Upcoming service

You know how difficult it is for a business to get business-automation-software custom made? Just some issues they need to think about are time to implementation, application availability, after sales support, speed, data security and price. We shortly will allow the businesses to create 95% of their applications themselves by enabling them to view it as they build it, and create something that they really want. The rest of the 5% is completed by our technical team.

This will reduce the time to implementation significantly. Moreover all softwares – no mater how big or small – have all the usual features that good softwares should have. Moreover, they are hosted on our servers and all you have to pay is a small monthly license fee.

If you with your local / specialised knowledge of a vertical have an application in mind and know it will work, but you do not have the technical expertise to create it, you can become one of our affliates. You can then create your custom application and resell it to multiple users. We can play the role of your technical partner and help you create your business.