Become IncTech’s Authorized Software Reseller

Incognito Technologies Pvt Ltd (IncTech) is committed to excellence and so are our resellers. Our reseller relationships are designed to ensure that customers receive the best solutions for their environments while providing maximum flexibility for our resellers. IncTech Resellers are known for bringing state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions to their customers. They are Microsoft® Partners, Software Vendors and established consulting firms.

Our reseller program maximizes value for customers and profit for our resellers. Our philosophy is that our resellers should lead with their value, using our products to add value appropriately. We do not compete with our resellers. Our resellers are part of our sales force and they own the relationship with their customer; we only supply the product and technical support.

Our goal is to minimize the work a reseller needs to do in order to do business with and sell IncTech’s Software products.

How to sign up

It's easy to become IncTech’s Software Reseller!

  1. Fill out the short form (Annex 1).
  2. IncTech will contact you and, if approved, will send you a Reseller Agreement.
  3. Print and fill out the agreement.
  4. Fax the entire completed agreement to:
  Attn: Reseller Management
Mail two signed copies to our Corporate Office
  D116 (A), Basant Marg,
  Bani Park, Jaipur 302016
  Rajasthan, India
  Attn: Reseller Management

Upon receipt and approval, our office will contact your company welcoming you to the IncTech’s Software Reseller Group!

Download Authorised Reseller Form

Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer

Benefits of becoming IncTech’s Authorized Software Reseller

  • Handsome profit margins
  • Exciting seasonal offers.
  • No fee to join and no quotas to meet.
  • No complicated discount tiers
  • Easy online installation and registration of our software products.
  • Free NFR (not for resale) software licenses for internal use.
  • Listing of your business, website, and description on our website.

Requirements / Assistance

To become IncTech’s Software reseller, you will need to have knowledge of the IncTech’s product(s) you wish to resell. For this we invite you to come to our offices where you will be provided with detailed one-to-one in-depth training of the software products. You will also get free NFR (not for resale) software license copies for your laptops – please bring along the laptops.

IncTech also provides it’s resellers with product brochures. These can be purchased from the company at a subsidized rate of Rs.1100 (plus taxes) for 100 copies. If the reseller wishes to print their own marketing materials IncTech provides them with the design files (.cdr) which can be used as the guideline for their printing.

Life time technical support is provided to all our customers that we get from our resellers free of charge. Each license ships with a life time warranty on any bug or exception that might arise and interrupt the working of a client. However, it does not include any modifications or feature additions. The product is shipped as is.

Our products run on the Windows® family of operating systems. This includes desktops, servers, and terminal servers. Resellers are required to follow up on any lead from IncTech as well for their region. Questions? Email us at